“I had microneedling w/PRP with Patty last week and as this was my first time for this particular treatment, my experience was excellent as always. Patty always takes the time to explain to me what she is doing and is very honest about what might be uncomfortable. The first thing she did was take pictures of my face and apply numbing cream, next she drew my blood and let me relax while the blood was spinning. Then she got me ready for the actual treatment and started the microneedling. The microneedling was not totally painless, but also not something I couldn’t handle(and I’m a wimp). Immediately after, my face felt flush and tight, however once finished she applied a sheet mask that calmed everything down and I was ready to go. It’s been a week today and I can already see big changes in my skin. The texture has improved, my skin is much brighter and overall looks tighter. I highly recommend Patty and all of the services and treatments she provides!”
– kdlandry3

“He’s a great surgeon. He is curteous and caring. Im getting married this year so he not only did a tummy tuck he also did lipo for me as well for a great price. Im a mother of 4 kids and my stomach has fallen from the cesarean sections I have had to get done. I havent looked at myself and thought I looked good in 10 years. I had an apron on the botton of my belly. It was so hard to move and get around. I couldn’t play with ny kids because my self-esteem was so low. Now I have looked in the mirror and said I look good. I have a figure. He not only did this for my stomach but I also had no shape to my belly button because of gall bladdet removal and he gave my belly button shape again. I feel like I have my life back. He has done more then I could of imagined. I dont feel like a prisoner in my own body anymore. Plastic surgery is more then just plastic and fake parts. Its also removing skin and maybe adjusting things to help improve your self-esteem. Im still swelled up. Im only 2 weeks post surgery.”
– heathscott92

“My procedure was great! Dr Yellen was very thorough with me before and after. His staff was very nice and accommodating. His nurse, Tammy helped me so much and pushed for insurance! I finally got it approved with insurance thanks to her. He was kind and gave feedback and real expectations of what to expect. After surgery he called at least 2 times to check in. I’ve had 3 follows up with him and he is very pleased with results, as am I. I would recommend to anyone considering it, really look into it!!! It has changed my life and my confidence so much. My incisions and scarring look great.. Dr. Yellen was phenomenal with that. Again, I would recommend Dr. Yellen to anyone.”
– Straightforward877689

“Doctor Yellen and his staff was amazing to me. I absolutely love the final result. They made me really comfortable to ask any question or concerns I had, which was a lot. If I ever need another procedure done he is definitely the first one I would go to. I would 100% recommend him!”
– EloisaJenkins

“Our experience with Dr. Yellen and his staff was uncommonly smooth. We were made to feel very comfortable and at home in his office. He and his staff were easy to talk to, and they couldn’t have been more helpful. When they said, “Call us ANYTIME!” we really believed them. I am not sure there are words to describe how grateful we are to have had Dr. Yellen recommended to us.”
– eaceful155928P

“Word can’t explain how happy I am with my breast reduction. I feel so much better, the ruts in my shoulders are gone, the headaches, and backaches have subsided. I can walk from one end of my home to the other without having to sit down. I can stand longer. I can do so much more than I used to. I can help with yard work, I can help around the house more. Dr Yellen, Tammy, and Dana are the best, they took such good care of me. Dr Yellen call the next evening to make sure I was doing OK. Tammy was with me me every step of the way. Dana was always there to help with whatever I needed.”
– JJE1064

“I absolutely LOVE the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Jackson! I have Rosacea and Patty Yellen has been taking care of my skin care needs for years now! The entire staff are completely amazing! I wouldn’t trust my skin to anyone else!”
– Dana H.

“I LOVE the staff here! Always AWESOME & eager to please!”
– Reva P.

“Have been seeing Patti for awhile and she is amazing! Extremely knowledgeable and caring! Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my skincare needs!”
– Miranda M.

“Been going here for years! Wouldn’t trust anyone else!!!”
– Brandie G.