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Breast Reduction
in Jackson, Tennessee

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The Doctor to Visit for Breast Reduction
in Jackson, Tennessee

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Marshall Yellen uses his skills and expertise to ease the discomfort of pendulous breasts, and create better-proportioned breasts. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Yellen is dedicated to helping his patients achieve their goals. A woman’s displeasure with her breast size is not always about aesthetics. Some women not only feel their breasts are too large, but also have discomfort and physical complications because of their overly large breasts. If you have large breasts that limit your physical activity and cause pain, a breast reduction may be right for you.

Many women consult with Dr. Marshall Yellen for breast reduction surgery to improve their breast size and discuss:

  • Neck, back and shoulder pain caused by large, pendulous breasts
  • Skin irritations and indentations from bra straps that support heavy breasts
  • Restricted lifestyle due to large, pendulous breasts
  • Rashes and skin irritations under the breast crease
  • Sagging skin and low breast profile when unsupported breasts

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Dr. Yellen

What To Expect

Your consultation with Dr. Marshall Yellen will include an American Society of Plastic Surgery educational video on breast reduction discussing in detail the surgical procedure, incision patterns, risks and benefits. This enables the patient to have a better understanding of the procedure and allows for in-depth questions and concerns to be discussed during the consultation. Dr. Yellen is dedicated to helping his patients achieve a more active and pain-free lifestyle.

Patient Review

“I always wore LARGE underwire support; back issues; also had ruptured disc in neck repaired. I made the decision to have a reduction to hopefully reduce my risk of having more back problems. Very, very pleased with Dr. Yellen’s work and his staff. The staff made my experience very easy!! Would HIGHLY recommend this group of professionals.”

~ Janet

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