Breast reconstruction procedures can be very emotionally upsetting for the breast cancer patient. Deciding whether or not to have breast reconstruction surgery is an individual choice and depends on many factors. These can include your medical condition, type and staging of breast cancer, lifestyle, emotional stress, and breast size and shape. You do not have to be alone in making this decision. Family members, friends and breast cancer support groups are all resources that are there for you.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marshall Yellen will also be there for you as part of your medical team. Along with your surgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist, he will be an integral part of your recovery and reconstruction process.

Your consultation with Dr. Yellen will include an educational video on the various surgical options with breast reconstruction. Topics will include reconstruction with or without implants, the timing of the reconstruction and what to expect post-operatively.

Breast cancer awareness is a cause that is close to Dr. Yellen’s heart. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after the birth of their daughter. Patti was 39 years old when she faced one of the biggest challenges of her life. As a husband, Dr. Yellen understands the emotions and self-image concerns a patient experiences when faced with breast cancer. In your consultation, he will discuss all options, taking into account your desires, expectations and personal situation. Ultimately, the decision to embark on reconstruction is a very personal choice. In a compassionate setting, Dr. Yellen will answer your questions and concerns and help you with your cancer journey and road to recovery.